1. Belvidere home
  2. Long view of barn along fence
  3. winter scene along rive with snow
  4. winter scene along rive with snow
  5. Oragami tree with pink flowering tree along fence
  6. Barn with flowering pink tree along fence
  7. Fence and barn in back
  8. Flowering tree with river in background
  9. Home in background
  10. Log by river with two flowers
  11. Far away view of home with fence and bushes on sides
  12. Rays of sunlight over trees
  13. Long stemmed flowers
  14. Trees and river in background
  15. Flowers and shrubs
  16. Flowerbed surrounded d by rocks
  17. Walkway of Peter Callas Sculptures
  18. Large stone in garden
  19. First Anagama Kiln being built
  20. Belvidere Anagama Kiln
  21. 8 Cords of wood stacked for firing
  22. Belvidere Anagama Kiln being fired
  23. Belvidere Anagama Kiln being fired
  24. Double Necks being fired while inside the kiln
  25. Vessel being fired inside Anagama Kiln
  26. Fire from Anagama Kiln
  27. Firing inside kiln
  28. Kiln being fired
  29. Title 40
    Title 40